Friday, 25 April 2014

ICICI Prudential

ICICI prudential: A brand that broke the rules set by LIC. Insurance was an undesired purchase and companies used fear appeal to communicate with audience. After all, consumers were really not excited about discussing their death and 'what after them'?

ICICI Prudential made insurance a desired purchase with happy settings and positive communication. The brand proposition of 'Jeetay Raho' was about a long and secure life. The communication instilled trust and belief along with security. And each campaign was just brilliant including the recent, "bande hum ache hain".

 But guess 'to have it all' syndrome has struck this brand. They now experimenting with the 'fear appeal'. The latest communications smells of LIC??
Are they wanting to change the core essence of the brand or running after LIC's share. This advertisement sits poorly with the brand image and proposition of ICICI Prudential. Has the company forgotten the critical C of marketing communication- Consistency

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